#minirant : So you wanna be a blogger? read this.

I’ve recently received a good amount of messages asking me HOW I started my blog and what others need to do to jumpstart their blogging journey.

Well, It just happened. Annoying answer, I know.

Here’s the FFWD version of my blogging journey to date: I started writing to share my travel experiences. When that was over, I stopped writing. I lost my inspiration and without traveling around the world, I thought my blogging days were over.

HOWEVER, that burning desire to share and inspire was pulling at my soul strings every damn day. I realized that I needed to find my WHY. Which I found.. “to share my personal experiences of growth throughout:  my mental health and wellness journey, my travels, my entrepreneurial journey, as well as, surviving my life as a human in this HUGE world”. In short that’s my why.

NOW YOU NEED TO FIND YOURS. I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over, but If not, here’s your new question of the year: WHAT IT IS YOUR WHY?!

Why do you want to blog ? Is it because it’s trendy? Is it because it seems like an easy job that anyone can do? Is it because you don’t “really want to work” If you’re thinking what blogging is all about, here’s a fun fact:  you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. With intentions like that , do not crowd the internet with more nonsense BUT….

If you’re WHY revolves around a passion of yours, a belief you hold close, something you feel like the world should know more about, or to share your unique experiences by living YOUR authentic life , GET OUT THERE AND START SHARING!

I’ve recently been all about harnessing the power of the Information Age. I got this idea from Danielle LaPorte’s “White Hot Truth” and it’s sooo spot on. Anyways, us young people are taking advantage of this “information age” we live in because we want more for our lives and for this world! We are able to access and spread information within a matter of seconds which is SO POWERFUL!


If you think you have a helpful message to share.. OWN IT! Get yourself a blog and preach it girlfraaaan. “Your truth may be the light that lifts someone else up that day. We need your voice. We need your ideas thoughts and inspiration. We need you”



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