When life gives you lemons, laugh loud as fuck.

If you follow me on any social media channel, you may be aware that I had a pretty frustrating, yet pretty comical, traveling experience recently. I had my first encounter with weather related issues which, I consider myself pretty lucky for getting by without having to “deal with weather” until now.. haha.

Anyways, long story short, it took almost THIRTY (30) hours to get from North Carolina to California. I’m not exaggerating!! My flight was redirected or cancelled six separate times. I was up for almost two days and it pretty much wrecked my body clock.

BUT, I’m not here to complain and get all angry about the situation. I’m actually writing this for the exact opposite reason. Hahah. Because while I was sitting in the airport watching everyone waste all this time and energy getting upset and emitting negative vibes into the area, I realized most people have an extremely hard time remembering that they can’t control everything && sometimes, you just have to give it up, and laugh loud AF.

Now I wasn’t born with this innate wisdom, and I definitely still get mad when life doesn’t do the things I want it to… however, I believe my time spent on this earth, especially the time I spent traveling, has taught me to roll with the punches and release this sense of control I “need” to have at all times.

When it comes to living life, however you may be doing that, it is VITAL that we remember, the universe has got our back. Yeah, we might have to take the scenic route, get stuck behind some slow cars, or even redirect here and there, but what’s the beauty of life if it went according to OUR perfect, mapped out, perfectly comfortable plan?

No matter how frustrating an experience can be, we are becoming a better human as we go through it. We are learning about ourselves, about others & about the systems and structures that hold society together. We ALWAYS come out of a situation with insight, even if it’s the tiniest crumb of info, we’ve gained something; and that, to some, is priceless.

Presently, we are living in the Information Age. Well at least that’s what I think. People today are trying to soak up all the information they can. For the first time in EVER, information has been the quickest and easiest thing receive than ever before. If we need to know anything at all, we can get the immediate information within seconds, along with 100+ articles, illustrations, opinions etc… about the topic.

this is all fantastic. And look out another rant (that’s way more in depth) about how amazing the internet is. Haha. I’m obsessed with this topic lol. HOWEVER, information needs to come from WISDOM.

And unfortunately, the Information Age we are living in, forgets to value the wise and WHERE the Information stems from.


Again, in my opinion, some of the best advice comes from those who’ve been through hell and back. They have seen the lowest of the low, learned how to pick themselves up and push forward, eventually soaring up high where they began.

So yeah, maybe life gave you lemons. Those lemons can be BIG or small. They can be SWEET or sour. But they have been given to you, SO DO SOMETHING WITH THEM. Don’t let em sit there, fester and allow it to stunt your growth. Take those lemons AND LAUGH AT THEM. Because you and I both know, we’re gonna do great things with those lemons. And also because lugging is fun, makes you feel good, and if we’re lucky, it makes other people laugh too..

HAHAHAHA life lemons. I’ll make the best damn lemonade you’ve ever seen. So there.

Who’s thirsty?!

xx , C

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