Your typical pre-new year post: GTFO 2017.

GOOD THE EFF BYE 2017. I know that the majority of the us can resonate with that sentence. Like it’s been a shit show of a year. So much, that I hung up my 2018 calendar in November…
But let’s leave this negativity with all the other BS that went down in 2017 && focus on what’s in front of us… the glorious NEW YEAR 🙌🏼 TWO- OH- ONE- 8!
Now this wouldn’t be your typical “pre- New Years Post” without some sort of conversation about le goals, dreams and aspirations for the next year. Let’s get on it.
 Now I’ve got some goals. As we all do. Some are deep. Some may seem impossible; but as someone wise, yet, unknown once said ,” And suddenly you know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. So, I close my eyes and open my heart to new beginnings. I have decided that this will be a ridiculously amazing year..” 
So here goes nothing :
goal 1: to be alone without being lonely
goal 2: to see beauty in myself without finding fault
goal 3: to love myself without needing love from others
goal 4: get serious and adult on my entrepreneurial vision and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.
goal 5: learn a musical instrument
goal 6: say no to more things and yes to more people
goal 7: become the Yogi I want to be
goal 8: know my worth
So there’s my goals! But I want to know, WHATS YOURS?  Drop me a line and let me know! I want this year to be OUR YEAR! We deserve it.
But really though…
Want to be accountability partners? I mean who REEEEAAAALLLLLY gets all of these awesome goals knocked out in one year?!? #noone …. until we showed up.
“Some women are afraid of the fire, some just become it…”
The best is YET to come.
*hair flip*

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