The Power of Vulnerability

According to Google, vul·ner·a·bil·i·ty is ,”the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally” sounds terrifying, right?

well, i promise you, it’s not. it may be daunting at first, i’ll give you that, but terrifying, nope, no way.

My slight obsession with the power of vulnerability started not too long ago… I was sitting around reflecting on, let’s just say, “all the things”, particularly the direction of my blog and my life and where I wanted it to take them. Then I had an ah ha moment. I realized the creative in me thrived off vulnerability. But what did that even mean?

I read back through my past peices and relived my memoires. I noticed a very strong pattern in all of my writing…I was bringing the public eye into my little world. Sharing it all.

My life inspired my writing.

The thing was, I only wanted to share my life, when being vulnerable was easy to do. For example, say you’re traveling the world and everyone wishes they could be doing that too…. sharing every bit and piece of your life would be easy. But rewrite the script. Would people read a life that was a rollercoaster journey of high up’s and low downs? Would it be too normal? Too dramatic? Too relatable? Too “sob-story” ? Would anyone care if I wasn’t doing anything “worthy”?

Well, at first, I didn’t think so… I stopped writing posts about my life. I believed my life was “too crazy” and to be honest, I think it was just too much for me to handle all at once. My 25 year old life had dramatically flipped upside-down and trying to survive it in person was enough for me, let alone try and write it down and relive it again through words. I did not want to share the hurt, sadness, despair, loss of hope, heartbreak, devastation, disappointment, and flat out all the LOSS I was experiencing.

Writing was my go-to therapy. Now what was I supposed to do?

I needed to survive that time in my life with something that could allow me the safe space to express and feel like writing did. I started thinking back to ALL the times I had been vulnerable in my life ( I would name a few, but I tend to get carried away, so you’ll have to just ask me) and realized I had all the tools I needed within me.

I needed to harness the power of vulnerability. And with with a lot of courage and the willingness to fail, I created my first safe and conscious event, which would explain the power of vulnerability. I did not know if  I had lost it, or if I was so enlightened after following my intuition, I was buzzing with energy. I did not know who would come, if anyone. I was worried people wouldn’t take me seriously. But I needed to do this, so I did.

The event was phenomenal. A radiant success! So many of us came together and really experienced the power of vulnerability together. We collectively became a conscious community that supported each other in this safe space. I felt grounded, clear headed and energized; YES!

The other women who attended experienced similar feelings as well. We were all buzzing off this powerful energy we had created.

The events are something I still do quite regularly. They are still very new and growing, just as i am. I am very, VERY excited to see where they go… I have a feeling somewhere great!

Anyways, if this sounds like something you need in your life… you are invited! I post all of my events on my Facebook and will be eventually sending out emails with event invites and reminders! (so if you are’t on my subscribe list, GET ON IT 🙂 hah. )

So go out there && be a little vulnerable

Much love x

2 thoughts on “The Power of Vulnerability

  1. Ouch. This hurt me right in the kidneys. Idk if it’s my drinking this wild turkey 101 whiskey or what but I just feel that ultimately vulnerability hurts. I hate to go Emo with it but it’s hurtful to be vulnerable…. I have found that it’s my only source to what is real, but at the same time and u should know becuz of our collective consciousnessin this realm specifically with the com degree that society is so judgemental, it’s hard to break free from another’s reality. But to make matters more precise I love what you are exploring and this inspires me a whole lot. Meditate with me… I Ammmmm inhale…. We Areee…. Exhale

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